Welcome to Via Vacare

Via Vacare is the name of a special resort on the beautiful island of Gili Gede near the southwest coast of Lombok.

Gili Gede is an island free of traffic, accessible by  local fishing boats. An island with beautiful unspoilt nature, coconut palm trees, white sandy beaches where you can find astonishing shells, turquoise blue sea with a marvelous underwater world . An island with traditional villages, where the local population makes its living with building boats and (pearl) fishing.

Via Vacare is an ideal place to: 

  • Regain breath after exhausting exertions or be rewarded after a great accomplishment.
  • Take time to think about work and life and come to terms with intense past events.
  • Distance oneself from daily routine.
  • Set yourself free from fixed patterns and standard answers.
  • Let go, relax and be inspired.
  • Enjoy your holiday in Indonesia
  • Slow down, as life is moving faster than we often realize.

Via Vacare comes from Latin 'vacancy' which may be translated as 'the road to emptiness'. 

So shortly Via Vacare means:  take a real time off.

In Via Vacare you are invited to practice ‘the art of doing nothing’.

Doing nothing does not mean doing nothing, but means:  sleep profoundly, dream, sunbathe, enjoy food, staring at the sea, watching sunrise and  sunset  with the volcano Gunung Agung in the background, and then nothing..for quite a while.

And then reading, writing, walking, swimming, fishing snorkeling, receiving a massage, meditating, practicing yoga, having a pleasant conversation and then nothing again…Or maybe do a bit of gardening, painting, sculpting, diving, participating in social projects, excursions etc.

And all that without feeling guilty, just enjoy not being obliged to do anything and experience its benefits.

An ideal place for a (mini) sabbatical, incentive, healing, reconsidering crossroads....or just for a relaxing holiday.

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