Our name Via Vacare comes from Latin and may be translated as 'the road to emptiness'. The word vacation also comes from the Latin word “vacare”

To us Via Vacare means: take a real break

At Via Vacare you are invited to practice ‘the art of doing nothing’.


Doing nothing does not mean doing nothing, but means:  sleep profoundly, dream, sunbathe, enjoy great food, stare at the sea, watch sunrise and  sunset with a view of Bali´s holy volcano, the Gunung Agung. And then nothing…..for quite a while.

And then... reading, writing, walking, swimming, fishing snorkeling, receiving a massage, meditating, practicing yoga, having a pleasant conversation and then nothing again….Or maybe do a bit of gardening, painting, sculpting, diving, participating in social projects, excursions etc.

And all that without feeling guilty, just enjoy not being obliged to do anything. And experience its benefits.

Gili Gede is a beautiful island without traffic and limited access to fresh water, electricity and WIFI. Mobile networks are available although limited. What you will not find is restaurants, nightlife, screaming advertisements or loud music. Only peace without distraction.

Staying at Via Vacare challenges our views and habits by making us aware of every day luxury many of us live in - and maybe take for granted. And do we always have to be reachable or is it ok to take time off(line)?

As our guest you are invited to experience the island life style, the pleasure of mandi, homemade food, the tranquil and spiritual atmosphere, starry nights with candles and solar-lamps, and a lovely sea breeze as a fan! 

Without WIFI and limited mobile network connection, it is surprisingly easy to leave work, to do lists and obligations behind. And replace them by  the natural rythm of your body and the wisdom of your soul.

Our guests find time to be with themselves. They understand what the heart really says and find new opportunities. Intuition and inspiration will flow because of rest and simplicity. This will stimulate the connection between the inner and outer world in order to create harmony between thinking, feeling and purpose. This is the art of doing nothing..


one of our guests felt inspired to make a song



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