Via Vacare is set up and managed as as holistic and sustainable resort. We make sure that our business serves the people - guests and locals alike - and protects nature and the wellbeing of our planet.

As an ‘eco’-resort we try to be sustainable, thinking of the well being of the planet and people in a responsible profitable way. The local way of living with the spare access to electricity, food and fresh water is integrated in our facilities.

We have to very carefully deal with our energy resources like petrol, electricity, fresh water and light. The island is situated in a relatively dry tropical zone with only a few months rain each year, and with a very unpredictable rainfall. As we know the world wide climate change is tending to be hotter, so we expect for the coming years that the eco-regime will be more tense.

An advantage is the abundant radiation of the sun which is a potential free source of energy, so we are looking for solar systems to be less dependent of fossil fuels.


But harvesting free solar energy asks investments in advance that pay off in five to ten years. But remember: the sun and the mild climate is also very positive: it makes the stay in on the island a real pleasure.

We try to be mindful by using healthy food, handling waste, and going along with the local people and try to improve their living conditions.

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