Directions to Gili Gede

You arrive from Bali in Praya on Lombok by air (around 25 euro one way), or in Lembar by boat (35.000 rp, depart from Padangbay). To reach Gili Gede you have to go to the small harbor Tembowong, near Pertamina station, a few kilometers before the village called  Pelangan. From Tembowong you can cross by public boat or charter a boat to Gili Gede.

The price to go to Gili Gede depends on your negotiation skills  and can be reached via different routes and means. For example instead of a personal taxi you also can take a bemo, a public bus. But this is not possible in the harbor, you will have to walk to the main junction, aroundone kilometer away. In the harbor there are pushy drivers who try to offer the trip at a high price.

 Transfer from Tembowong to Gili Gede per public boat, charter boat or Via Vacare boat

The best thing you can do is to give us a call or sms or e-mail, so we can pick you up in Lombok, Lembar,Mataram or airport Praya.  The price is around 250.000 IDR  and includes the boat trip to Via Vacare. We can also pick you up from Bangsal (Teluk Nare) Sengigi, or Kuta Lombok. (price: 350.000 IDR) or you can take a Blue Bird metered taxi. 

If you are in Mataram, Praya or Lembar and it is too late to arrive at Via Vacare in time because of sunset and low tide, you are welcome to stay in:

Via Vacare City  in the center of Mataram, Ratu's Guest House. (Close to bakery, ATM, internet. Attention: there is no bank or ATM in Gili Gede or Lembar), jalangde ngurah 43, Cakranegara.

If you want to organize the route by public means by yourself then you take a combination of these to get there:

Transport from mainland (Tembowong harbor) to Via vacare we will use the public boat, it will cost IDR 25.000 a person and charter is IDR 75.000, this is the way Via vacare likes to support local economy.

*) arrival in village Gedang Siang, 10 minutes to walk to Via Vacare.

*) only when there are more passengers then you alone. 

*) Look for the boat of ViaVacare, we are frequently there to get fresh water from the little harbour in Tembowong, then you can come aboard for free if you stay in Via Vacare, or just give us a call to pick you up from Tembowon.

Phone Ratu the manager of ViaVacare on 08 1915 9042 75, he speaks English and you can reach him through the week, or give him an SMS. There is almost no telephone connection on Gili Gede (it is quiet there :-).